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Antivirus software

Software programs used to detect, track, stop and delete viruses from computer

Final Year Report: Online Support Chatbot FYP[PDF]

This report is the final year report of Rukesh Shrestha. Rukesh shrestha

Computer virus

The computer programs that affect the computer programs and computer system is


The collection of web pages with similar or related content that is


The global system formed by connecting different computers on network area like


The means by which people send and receive information in the form

Components of GIS in Agriculture

A conceptualized structure that enables spatial and geographic data to be collected

Scope of GIS in Agriculture and its importance

  Introduction: A conceptualized structure that enables spatial and geographic data to be collected and analyzed is called a geographic information system (GIS). It helps to gather,

Generations of computers[Explaination]

In Simpler words, the computer can be defined as the advanced electronic