Study Of Museum Specimen Of  Hyla with Comment & Diagram

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Hyla is cosmopolitan in damp forests except in India and Africa.


i) Hyla is commonly called tree-frog due to it arboreal habits

ii) Skin is smooth on the dorsal surface but bears papillae on the ventral surface.

iii) The animal measures from 2.5 to 7.5 cm in length.

iv) Eyes, nostrils and tympanum are well developed.

v) Fingers and toes have adhesive-pads or disc for sticking on the smooth surfaces.

vi) The Web is poorly developed.

vii) Teeth are present only in the upper jaw and absent in the lower jaw.

viii) Vertebrae are procoelous.

ix) Vocal sacs are greatly expanded and produce a loud voice.

x) They exhibit mimicry and are remarkably protectively coloured.


– Utilized for behavior and adaptation study.

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