Study Of Museum Specimen Of  Triton with Comment & Diagram

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Triton is distributed in Europe and USA


i) Triton is commonly known as European-salamander.

ii) Body is elongated and cylindrical.

iii) Skin is soft and covered with slime.

iv) Scales are entirely absent.

v) Fore-limb and hind limbs are well developed. Fore-limbs bear four fingers and hind-limbs five toes.

vi) Tail is provided with a median fin above and below. Fin is devoid of fin rays.

vii) Mouth is wide, having the paired external nostrils just above it.

viii) Eyes are small having the upper and lower lids.

ix) Tympanum or eardrum is absent.

x) It exhibits the marked sexual dimorphism.

xi) It is a terrestrial animal.


– It is used in the lab for embryological study.

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