Study Of Museum Specimen Of Ambystoma Tigrinum with Comment & Diagram

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Ambystoma is found in North America from Southern Alaska to Mexico. Neotenic forms occur in mountain regions, especially in Mexico.


i) Ambystoma Tigrinum is commonly known as tiger-sala-mander.

ii) Body is an elongated lizard – about 12 cm in length.

iii) The colour of the body is black with yellow patches.

iv) Skin is poisonous.

v) Limbs are well developed. Fore limbs bear 4 fingers and hind limbs have 5 toes.

vi) Tail fin and external gills are absent in the adult stage.

vii) Vertebrates are amphicoelous.

viii) Sexes are separate fertilization is internal


– It is used for embryological study.

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