Study Of Museum Specimen Of  Ichthyophis with Comment & Diagram

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Ichthyophis extends from the foothills of Himalayas to Ceylon, the Malay Archipelago and Siam.


i) Ichthyophis is commonly known as blind eel.

ii) It is a burrowing, elongated vermiformes and cylindrical form, eel-type animal.

iii) It measures up to 30 cm in length.

iv) The colour of the body is dark brown or bluish black with a yellow band along the side.

v) Skin is provided with numerous transverse grooves or wrinkles.

vi) Limbs and limb girdles are entirely absent.

vii) Tail is short or vestigial.

viii) Tympanic membrane and columella are absent.

ix) Sexes separate, males possess large copulatory organ provided with hooks.

x) Parental care is very well developed.


– It is used for food consumption.

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