Study Of Museum Specimen Of  Tetraodon with Comment & Diagram

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Tetraodon is found in all tropical and subtropical Seas (Atlantic and Indian seas).


i) Tetraodon is commonly known as globe- fish or puffer.

ii) Body is divisible into the head, trunk and tail.

iii) Body is spherical and covered with subimbricate bony laminae.

iv) The colour is light brown with dark brown spots throughout the body.

v) Dorsal fin opposite to anal fin and has few fin-rays. Pectoral fin’s present and pelvic fins are entirely absent.

vi) The teeth in jaws are fused to form beak but with a median suture.

vii) Gills are three.

viii) The air bladder is horse -shoe shaped.


– The flesh of this fish is poisonous.

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