Study Of Museum Specimen Of Echeneis  with Comment & Diagram

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Echenies is found in the tropical and subtropical seas (Atlantic and Pacific Oceans) including seas of India & China.


i) Echeneis is commonly known as sucker-fish.

ii) Body is elongated, measuring about 1 meter in length, fusiform and covered with small cycloid scales.

iii) Head is depressed and furnished above with an adhesive organ that is modified first dorsal fin.

iv) Head bears lateral eyes and wide, deep mouth.

v) Second dorsal and anal fins are elongated, without spines and opposed to each other.

vi) Tail is homocercal and caudal fin bilobed.

vii) Air-bladder is absent.

viii) Adhesive disc is flat, oval and transversely furrowed and is an effective organ for attachment. It bears 21-28 transverse lamellae.


– It is used as an aid in fishing.

– They attach to the bottom of the boat and damage it.

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