Study Of Museum Specimen Of Synaptura with Comment & Diagram

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Synaptura is found in Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans, i.e South America, India, Malaysia and Southern hemisphere.


i) Synaptura is commonly known as flat-fish.

ii) Body is thin, laterally compressed and flat.

iii) Scales covering the body are usually imbricate, cycloid or ctenoid.

iv) The side of the body bearing the eyes turned upwards being coloured, while the lower side is white.

v) Head is asymmetrical. Both the eyes are situated on the upper side. Nostrils also on the left side.

vi) Mouth is more or less protractile. Jaws bear sharp chisel-like teeth and flat crushing teeth in the pharynx.

vii) Dorsal and anal fins are long without spines and confluent with the caudal fin · Pectoral and pelvic fins are well-developed.

viii) Gills four, a slit behind the fourth, pseudo branchiae are present.


– It is us marketed fresh, frozen, and dried-salled

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