Study Of Museum Specimen Of Anabas with Comment & Diagram

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Anabas is found in estuaries and fresh waters of India, Ceylon, Burma, Malaya Peninsula.


i) Anabas is commonly known as a climbing perch.

ii) The body is laterally compressed and covered with ctenoid scales.

iii) It attains the length of 20 cm.

iv) Pectoral and pelvic fins are similar. The caudal fin is well developed.

v) Dorsal and anal fins are long and spinous.

vi) The operculum bears backwardly directed spines.

vii) It can live for a long time out of water.

viii) The accessory respiratory organs are well developed.

ix) It can walk on land with the help of fin spines and opercular spines.


– It is a highly esteemed food fish for its fine flavour.

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