Study Of Museum Specimen Of Wallago Attu with Comment & Diagram

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Wallago is found in rivers and lakes throughout India.


i) Wallago is commonly called lachi or catfish.

ii) Body is elongated and laterally compressed with a straight back.

iii) It may reach in length up to 2 meters but the specimens generally available are 60-90 cm in length.

iv) Head is very large, trunk small and tail long and tapering.

v) Mouth is wide, extending below and even behind the eyes.

vi) Jaws are provided with teeth.

vii) Barbles 4, two maxillary and two mandibular.

viii) Eyes above the level of the mouth and not covered with skin.

ix) Dorsal fin is short and spineless, anal fin is very long, caudal fin bilobed.

x) Predatory in habit


– It is used as foodstuff

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