Study Of Museum Specimen Of Cirrhinus Mrigala with Comment & Diagram

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Cirrhinus mrigala is found throughout India


i) Cirrhinus is commonly called mrigal is a freshwater carp of India.

ii) The length of the body reaches up to 66 cm and weight up to 104 to 208 kg.

iii) The body is covered by large cycloïd scales. The scales are absent on the head.

iv) The color of the body is silvery, dark-gray along the back, sometimes with coppery tinge.

v) Mouth is wider with thinner lips.

vi) Barbles small in the fold of lip.

vii) Pectoral, pelvic and anal fins are orange in color tipped with black.

viii) Caudal fin is sharply forked.


– It gives the best sport on rod and line.

– It is used as food.

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