Study Of Museum Specimen Of Torpedo with Comment & Diagram

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Torpedo is found in the Mediterranean, Red Sea, Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.


i) Torpedo is commonly called an electric-ray.

ii) Body is dorso-ventrally flattened and disc-shaped which is subcircular.

iii) Skin is smooth without scales.

iv) Mouth is transverse and ventral·

v) Quadrangular naso- frontal lobe is present.

vi) Spiracles are present behind the eyes.

viii) Gill- slits are ventral.

ix) A pair of large electric organs consist of muscle fibers arranged in blocks and serve as batteries.

x) Tail is relatively short, with two dorsal and a caudal fin.

xi) They are viviparous and carnivorous.


– Used as food.

– Used in research study for generating bio-electricity.

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