Study Of Museum Specimen Of Pristis with Comment & Diagram

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Pristis is found in Mediterranean and Atlantic oceans particularly in America, West Indies, China and Gulf of Mexico.


i) Pristis is commonly known as saw-fish.

ii) Body is elongated, depressed and shark-like.

iii) Head and skull prolonged into a long flattened rostrum, the lateral margins of which are provided with a series of strong tooth-like denticles giving saw like appearance.

iv) No rostral tentacles.

v) Teeth in jaw are minute and obtuse.

vi) Spiracles are present behind the eyes.

vii) Dorsal fins are large.

viii) Tail is well-developed and terminating in heterocercal caudal fin.

ix) They are predaceous, food chiefly comprises small fishes and flesh of whales and other marine animals.


– Used as food.

– Liver is a good source of oil used in medicine.

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