Study Of Museum Specimen Of Sphyrna Zygaena with Comment & Diagram

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Sphyrna is distributed in tropical & Subtropical.


i) Sphyrna is commonly known as hammer headed shark.

ii) Body is elongated, measuring about 4-5 m in length.

iii) Head is flattened in front and expanded sideways into two conspicuous lateral lobes, hence resembling a hammer.

iv) Eyes lie at the lip of lateral lobes, mouth is crescentic & ventral in position, nostrils lie ventrally at base of lateral lobes.

v) Two dorsal fins and five pairs of lateral fins are present·

vi) Spiracles are absent.

vii) Vertebrae are astero spondylus.

viii) They are viviparous.

ix) It is ferocious and attacks on its prey with its head.


i) Caught for oil.

ii) liver is used to produce oil

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