Study Of Museum Specimen Of Chimaera with Comment & Diagram

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Chimaera occurs off the coasts of Europe from Norway to Portugal including the Mediterranean and also in the neighborhood of Azores, Cape of Good Hope.


i)Chimaera is commonly known as rat-fish or king of herrings.

ii) Body is elongated and shark-like, measuring up to 1 meter in  length.

iii) Skin is naked with a characteristic open groove lodging the lateral line system.

iv) Head is large and compressed with a blunt conical snout.

v) Mouth and nostrils are ventral in position.

vi) Pectoral and pelvic fins are large- Caudal fin is present.

vii) Tail is long, tapering, and diphycercal

viii) In male; head possesses a frontal clasper armed with a pad of recurved denticles.

ix) A pair of claspers is also present behind the pelvic fins.


– Considered as an intermediate / connecting link between cartilaginous and bony fish.

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