Study Of Museum Specimen Of Lepidosteus with Comment & Diagram

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Lepidosteus inhabits the fresh waters of North America.


i) Lepidosteus is commonly known as gar-pike.

ii) Body is elongated and cylindrical.

iii) Scales are rhombic thick, ganoin-coated and articulated·

iv) Dorsal and anal fins are short and far behind the pelvic fins.

v) Caudal fin is semi- heterocercal.

vi) Both the upper and lower jaws are elongated, forming a long tapering beak.

vii) Nostrils are placed at the anterior end of the beak.

viii) Eyes are small, teeth are numerous, slender and of unequal size.

ix) Vertebrae are opisthocoelous, a unique feature.

x) It is voracious fish, preying upon small fishes.

xi) The air-bladder is used as a lung and air is gulped through the mouth


– Used as food and as aquarium fish.

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