Study Of Museum Specimen Of Protopterus with Comment & Diagram

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Protopterus has a wide distribution over the middle portion of the great African continent ranging from the river Senegal and the White Nile on the north to the Congo basin, Lake Tanganyika and Zambesi on the south.


i) Protopterus is commonly known as Niletung-fish.

ii) Body is elongated, cylindrical and more or less eel-like land grows to a length of 2 meters.

iii) The skin Covering the body contains the small cycloid scales.

iv) The paired fins are long, thin and filamentous.

v) Dorsal and caudal fins are united.

vi) Tail is the principal organ of locomotion.

vii) Air-bladder is a double ring.

viii) Carnivorous and voracious feeder.


– Used as food.

– Evolutionary significance as they are the only fish that Have lungs to breathe air.

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