Study Of Museum Specimen Of Myxine Glutinosa with Comment & Diagram

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Myxine has a wide distribution along sea coasts of both Atlantic and Pacific Oceans occuring in the waters of Northern Europe. etc.


i) Myxine is commonly known as hagfish.

ii) Body is eel-like, measuring about 60cm in length and differentiated into head, trunk and tail.

iii) The surface of the body is soft and smooth without scales.

iv) Mouth is surrounded by soft lips.

v) Nostril is single, lying very close to the mouth.

vi) Single pineal eye is visible on the top of the head.

vii) Hermaphrodite with single ovotestis, anterior part being ovary and posterior testis.

viii) Parasitic or quasi-parasitic because they are sometimes found in bodies of their prey.

ix) Nocturnal feeders.


‘Vultures of the sea’ because they seem to get most of their food by scavenging.

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