Model Question Grade: XI (Computer Science)

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Group ‘A’

Select the best alternative and write in your answer sheet: [4 x 1 = 4)

1. 10112 + 110112 =____________.

i)  110101 ii) 110110 iii) 110100 iv)100110

2. The value of (0.55)8 into binary is:

i) 0.110110 ii) 0.100100    iii) 0.101101       iv) 0.011011

3. Hard disks were used in ___________.

i)  First generation   ii) Fourth Generation    

iii) Second generation iv)  Third generation

4. Which is not a storage size?

i) GigaBytes   ii)  TeraBytes   iii) PetaBytes  iv) FetaBytes

Group ‘B’

5. What is a logic gate? Explain NOR and NAND gate with logic function, logic diagram, truth table and venn diagram.    [4]

6. Define the Hexadecimal number system and convert (FEE.375)16 into (?)10 [4]

7. Compare the features of Second generation and Fourth generation of computers. [4]

8. What is 2’s complement? Subtract (111111-111001) using 1’s complement and 2’s complement method.  [4]

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