Model Question Grade : XI (Computer Science)

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Group ‘A’

Select and write in your answer sheet the most appropriate option from the following multiple choice questions. [4X1=4]

1. The selection statements used in C programming:

i) if ii) switch iii) Both iv) No option

2. The symbol “!=” is a__________operator.

i) Unary ii) Arithmetic iii) Relational iv) Conditional

3. Java, C++ are__________programming languages.

i) 3 GL ii)  5. GL         iii) 4 GL iv) 2GL

4. _______is used to convert assembly codes into machine codes

i) Interpreter ii) Translator iii) Compiler iv) Assembler

Group ‘B’

Short answer questions: [2×4=8]

5. What is a programming language? Explain 5 GL in detail. [4]

6. Write five differences between Interpreter and Compiler.   [4]

Group ‘C

Long answer questions: [2×4=8]

7. a. Write a program to input a diameter and print the area and circumference of a circle.      [4]

b. Write a program to input a number and print the number is Odd or Even. [4]

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