Why java is boring to learn?

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Before knowing why java is boring, lets discuss about what Java is. Java is class-based, object-oriented high level programming language. Java is basically used to make web apps, mobile apps, desktop-based programs and enterprise level software. There is hardly no any technology in the world of programming which you cannot do using java. Although there is hype of python in data science and machine learning, java is also widely used in the world of machine learning, data science, deep learning and robotics. Java is also popular in IOT(Internet Of Things) and big data. It is considered one of the leading programming language.

Although it is only marketed as it has WORE(Write Once Read Everywhere) and machine independent features by sun microsystem in 19’s, Java has so many feature that make the java so popular till now. You can shift to any other object oriented programming language easily if you are good at Java programming. Some of the website that uses java are LinkedIn, aliexpress, ebay, twitter, amazon, Stack Overflow etc. Facebook also use apache HBase which is java based non relational database. Most of the big companies use different programming language to perform different tasks. So, big companies use almost all programming langauge for performing different tasks. If you just look at the website that were made from java in wappalyzer, you can view the following list.

More than 90% android application found are made up of java. We will discuss about this topic in another blog.

Lets discuss why java is boring to learn. It is due to the fact that it is object oriented programming language. Object oriented programming language are quite difficult to learn. Java is enterprise level language and used to make software for the big companies, it is quite boring because of other programming language. If you want to develop a website that contain very few content and you are excepting very low traffic, java is not for you because why would you learn java if there is other option like PHP programming language. Learner or student feels PHP very easy than java and start learning PHP. Personally, I also use python or PHP for small projects. The other reason to use PHP or python is due to the fact that the hosting price for these language is very less than Java. If you are agreeing with me in above topic, then why learn PHP or python just go for wordpress, wix, squarespace, weebly, Jimbo, Joomla etc. These all technology don’t need coding skill at all. I am trying to say that only use Java if you are thinking big with your project like you are expecting huge number of traffics in your site. we will discuss this on next blog in detail.

For the beginners, it is very difficult to learn this programming language because class must be created even in simple hello world program. You must have to make a class and main method with static keyword. Most of the student feels difficult to understand the concept of class, object and method. We must have to know the concept of class, object, keywords, methods, argument statement etc. while writing a simple java program also. For example if you want to display some text to user, you have to write the following code:

public class Hello {
 public static void main(String[] args) {   
  System.out.println("hello world");    

Here, we have to understand that the class is hello and this class is made public that means it can be accessed from any other class. static keyword is used to make the java file static that means we don’t need object to run this code. We already know that java is object oriented programming language. void is the return it says that this program doesn’t return anything. main is the main method with String argument passed. System.out.print is used instead of print in other language.

In python, we can write:

print("Hello World")

in basic, we can write:

PRINT "Hello, World!"

In algol, we can write:


In Caml, we can write:

print_endline "Hello, world!";;

So, learner who has little knowledge of other programming language finds this very difficult to understand. Learner don’t want to understand other concepts of java just because of this code. From my personal experience, java is boring at first but if you understand the basic concept of programming, you can easily understand these codes.

But in object oriented programming language, we have to write the code like java.

For example, in C# we have to write:

using System;
 class Program { 
    static void Main(string[] args)     
         Console.WriteLine("Hello, world");    

In Eifel programming language we write,

            print ("Hello, world!%N")

Matlab programming is also object oriented programming languge, we write code as:

classdef hello
        function greet(this)         
            disp('Hello, World')     

similiar in scala:

 object HelloWorld extends App {
   println("Hello, World!")

Other Learner’s has some compile time error and instead of solving those problem, they will leave learning java programming language. You have to stick to the problem and try to solve that problem till the end. Java may be boring to you if you are facing the problem and doesn’t know that answer. These type of answer could be found in google. The most widely used website for solving problem is Stackoverflow.com. You can get pretty much everything there. If you face any problem you can post there and view other’s problem to similar problems.

Yes, I also agree that Java has a lot of boilerplate code. Still it is worth using because of other features. Think of java programming language as truck or lorry that is carrying too much of weight. Truck is very difficult to handle as compared to other light weight vehicles. Would you drive light vehicle which has high chance of damage in long range journey??

So, choose java for big project or for the long journey.

Happy learning 🙂

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