15 useful GitHub profile for Java Developers.

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In basic term, GitHub can be defined as the online storage for storing different files or it can simply called as hosting provider. It is quite popular among software developer and programmer where they store, backup and view other’s code. Along with storage, it includes Git’s distributed version control and source code management features which is very useful for the developers. It is free for basic services. GitHub can be a good way to communicate with other developers around the globe and can also follow them. There are many features of GitHub in programming world which we do not discuss here.

As we already know java is high level programming language. In this article we will talk about java developer’s GitHub account to follow. You can get motivation from these code if you want to learn programming language specially java. You can follow and view top pick of my list or alternatively you can search your favorite repositories on your own on GitHub website by clicking on the link https://github.com/ . You can also view trending or hot topics on GitHub community related to java by clicking https://github.com/trending/java. You can also view other trending programming topics. For that you have to change java to other technology you want to see in above link. For example, To view trending topics of python you have to replace java with python as https://github.com/trending/python or https://github.com/trending/javascript for the JavaScript. You can search on the basis of date range as today’s trending, week’s trending’s or this month’s trending. For that you can use GitHub’s date range features as shown in figure below

view trending GitHub repo

Or alternatively you can change the link after particular programming trending’s link. For example if you want to view the trending page for ruby language and want to set the date range for today. you can type as : https://github.com/trending/ruby?since=daily. You change the since value as per your need. For example you want to view this week’s trending topic, change the value of since to weekly as https://github.com/trending/ruby?since=weekly . Similarly, for this month’s trending repositories you can type as https://github.com/trending/ruby?since=monthly Don’t forget to change the programming language as per your need.

Lets start with 15 GitHub repositories useful for java developers.

  1. iluwatar:

This account is created by Ilkka Seppälä. The link to his GitHub is https://github.com/iluwatar. He is the Technical Project Manager @GoforeGroup.

You can also check his linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ilkkaseppala/


twitter: https://twitter.com/iluwatar?lang=en He has 3k followers on GitHub and made 1,371 contributions in the last year.(2020)

iluwatar Github’s repo

2. killme2008

This account is created by dennis zhuang. The link to the GitHub repositories is https://github.com/killme2008. This repository mainly focused on Java and javaScript. This repo got 319 contribution in last year(2020).

killme2008 GitHub repo

3. richardstartin

This account is created by Richard Startin. The link to the GitHub repositories is https://github.com/richardstartin . This repo is very useful if you are Java Developer. This repo got 3,780 contribution in last year(2020).

richardStrain GitHub Repo

You can also follow him on twitter: https://twitter.com/richardstartin

4. TooTallNate

This account is created by Nathan Rajlich. The link to the GitHub repositories is https://github.com/TooTallNate. This account has more than 300 reprosetries mainly focusing on java programming. This repo got 3,223  contribution in last year(2020). The name TooTallNate is due to the fact that he is 6 feet 6 inch tall.


He is currently working as node JavaScript developer.

5. normanmaurer

This account is created by Norman Maurer . The link to the GitHub repositories is https://github.com/normanmaurer. He is currently working at Apple Inc. as Senier Software Engineer. This repo got 2,106 contribution in last year(2020).

normanmaurer‘s GitHub Repo

He is also the author of a book of java called Netty in Action. You can also buy his book from https://www.manning.com/books/netty-in-action.

6. rampatra

This account was created by Ram Patra. He is currently working as Senier developer in Mastercard R&D Labs. This account is popular in algorithm and data structure in Java.The link to the GitHub repositories is https://github.com/rampatra .

rampatra’s GitHub repo

You can also follow him in twitter: https://twitter.com/ram__patra.

7. arriolac:

This account is created by Chris Arriola. Chris Arriola is developer at Google Maps. You can view maps related stuff in this account. The link to github profile is https://github.com/arriolac. This account got 820 contributions in the last year(2020). You can also contribute to this account.

Chris Arriola’s GitHub Account

You can also follow him in twitter. The link to the twitter is : https://twitter.com/arriolachris.

8. jagrosh

This account is created by John Grosh. The link to his github account is : https://github.com/jagrosh.

jagrosh’s Github

You can also follow him in twitter: https://twitter.com/jagrosh.

9. gAmUssA:

This account is created by Viktor Gamov. He is currently working as a full time developer of Advocate at Confluent. If You want to gain knowledge on spring boot, this account will be helpful for you. The link to the github is : https://github.com/gAmUssA.

Vicktor Gamov’s GitHub Profile.

You can also follow him on twitter: https://twitter.com/gamussa.

10. alexec:

This account is created by Alex Collins. He is the Principal Software Engineer at @argoproj.

The link to the github profile is : https://github.com/alexec

This account has more than 100 repositories. This account got 3,460 contributions in the last year(2020).

alexec’s GitHub profile

11. marcingrzejszczak:

This account is created by Marcin Grzejszczak. The link to github profile is: https://github.com/marcingrzejszczak . This account got 1,285 contributions in the last year(2020).

marcingrzejszczak’s GitHub Profile

12. GitHub repositories:

Incase you want to directly work on problem and solution. Do not just search for the account or profile. Instead search for the repository. I have listed some of the useful reprosetries:

These are the profile and repositories that I found to be useful. You can research on your own to find the useful GitHub profile and repo. If you found other useful profile and repo please leave link in a comment section below.

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