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The collection of web pages with similar or related content that is defined under same domain name is called website. Website may contains different webpages and web contents which needs to be stored in particular place called the servers. To view website, user must type the domain name or url of the website. Some of the examples of website are:,,

Usually, websites are devoted to a single subject or function. Some of the topics usually websites are made are:

1) news, 


3) commerce, 

4) organizations

5) entertainment, 

6) social networking,

7) blogging sites,

8) Funding sites

The first page that the user sees is the homepage of the websites. Homepage can also be called as start page. Basically homepage has all the features and services listed to attract the visitors or customers. Just like internet, to load websites user must have computing devices like laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets etc., web browsing software like chrome, Mozilla firefox, internet account and source of internet (modem, telephone line, radio modem, cable internet are required to use the internet.

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