Computer virus

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The computer programs that affect the computer programs and computer system is called computer virus. In other word computer virus is a man-made malicious software which is executed or loaded in user’s computer. Computer virus never occurs naturally.  After execution, it disrupts the normal functioning of computer or software where the virus was executed. It can do verities of things ranging from editing, changing or deleting the files or programs, displaying unwanted popups and messages, causing the system to malfunction.

Computer virus can hide in host programs, replicate themselves and even can spreads from one infected program to another program or software. The aim of developing a computer virus is to attack network elements and  vulnerable systems, take control of administrators, and steal sensitive data from users.

John von Neumann, who lectured at the University of Illinois on the “Theory and Organization of Complicated Automata” published the first academic dissertation on the theory of self-replicating machine programs in 1949. However, the term “computer virus” was described in 1983 only by Fred Cohen.

There are many reasons for creating computer viruses. Some of the reasons may be to stop piracy, to earn money, to steal, misuse and destroy data and information and for entrainment purpose.

During early days of computer era, computer viruses spread through storage devices like floppy disk. Nowadays, it can be transferred from internet. The other methods for transferring of computer virus is from the email attachments either in the form of rich text e-mail or attached applications. When infected files or programs are activated to the normal computer, the viruses then start replicating and try to infect, harm other files, programs, software along with operating system.

Types of Computer Virus

There are different types of computer viruses. Some of the viruses are:


Examples: Elk Cloner, Monkey, C-brain, NYB, Disk killer, form, Stone etc.


Examples : Ask toolbar, Coupon saver, Go save etc.


Examples: Vienna, Win 64.Rugrat etc.


Examples: Ambulance virus, Die heart virus etc.

Macro Virus

Examples: Loveletter, Marker, Melissa etc.


Examples: Junkie virus, Flip virus, Invader virus, Tequila virus

Polymorphic VIRUS

Examples: VIRLOCK , BAGLE or UPolyX, URSNIF, VOBFUS etc.


Examples: Onehalf virus, Jerusalem virus, Magistr virus


Examples: HTML.Redlif.A, ILOVEYOU, DDoS etc.

Protection methods from computer viruses:

  1. Do not click on the link that looks suspicious and do not download unsafe programs.
  2. Before opening email attachments, make sure that the email is not doubtful and free from virus.
  3. Install reliable antivirus application, defender and latest security patch programs.
  4. Automatic scan computers in daily or weekly basis.
  5. Avoid cracked and pirated software.
  6. Install anti-spyware, anti-malware and firewall if necessary.
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