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The global system formed by connecting different computers on network area like LAN, MAN, WAN which uses Internet protocol (Transmission control protocol/ Internet protocol) is known as Internet. In simpler terms internet can be defined as the networks of networks consisting of public, private, educational, governmental and business network linked by different technologies.

The Internet’s roots date back to the invention of packet switching and studies commissioned in the 1960s by the United States Department of Defense. The old technology like radio, telephone, newspaper, television, traditional way of communication is replaced by the internet. New technologies like email, chat, e-fax, video conference, online video and music players, digital newspaper, e-commerce, newsgroup etc.

Besides computing devices, web browsing software, internet account and source of internet (modem, telephone line, radio modem, cable internet are required to use the internet.

 Some of the web browsers are Google chrome, Mozilla firefox, Microsoft edge, Netscape navigator, opera, brave etc.

Internet is not governed by central authority as there is no unified administration of the internet. However there are some committees, non-profit organization like W3C(World wide Consortium), Internet society, internet architecture which guides user how to use the internet in efficient manner.

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