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The means by which people send and receive information in the form of messages or mail with the help of any electronic devices like computers, mobiles, laptops from one device to another device using dedicated software or web based service is called e mail. Email stands for electronic mail and it was introduced in the 1960s. With the help of email, user can send text, attachments, files, images or videos. Different protocols like SMTP (simple mail transfer protocol), POP (post office protocol), IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol), are used in email. Simple mail transfer protocol is needed to send message to the server and POP or IMAP are needed to retrieve mail/ messages from the server.

Email further can be subdivided into different types:

  1. Web-based email
  2. POP3 email servers
  3. IMAP email
  4. MAPI email

Email is used in different businesses, governmental and non-governmental organizations, email marketing to digitally advertise the products and services, personal use etc.

Components of email address:

Let us take two email address

Local email address as [email protected]

Global email address as [email protected]


 both admin and name are user identification name of email

@ is the divider and must be used in SMTP email address

Allbachelor and gmail are the email provider organization

.com is the extension of the domain which stands for commercial organization. Other email address may contain .edu which stands for educational sites, .org stands for the organizations, .mil and .gov stands for military and governmental organization.

Some email address can contain country code extension also. Each country has their own extensions like Nepal has .np extensions, japan, India, USA has .jpg, .in, .us extensions respectively.

Google, Yahoo, outlook, Hotmail are some of the popular email providers till now.

Advantage of email:

  1. It is fast and least expensive way of sending mail and message.
  2. Email can be sent, received and accessed by specific person at any time at any place.
  3. Does not require postman to deliver the message.
  4. It is one of the secure way of sending the information.
  5. One can send not only text but also pictures, attachments, audio and video to other computers
  6. A single mail can be sent and forwarded to many recipients at a same time
  7.  Sent email remains in the cloud and servers. So, we can save and archive email for longer period of time.
  8. The use of paper for sending message has come to an end after arrival of email.
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