Study Of Museum Specimen Of Viper russelli with Comment & Diagram

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Viper russelli is distributed in India, Ceylon, Burma, and Siam.


i) Viper russelli is commonly called Russell’s viper or daboia.

ii) Body is elongated and measures up to one and a half meters in length.

iii) The general colour is pale brown above with three longitudinal series of black spots and underparts are yellowish white.

iv) The scales from about 30 rows on the body.

v) Head is triangular and covered with very Small imbricate scales on the upper surface.

vi) The shout is angular and the nasal opening is quite prominent.

vii) The eyes are with golden iris and elliptical pupils.

viii) Very poisonous Venoms are haemotoxic.

ix) Viviparous, Carnivorous, feeding mainly on small mammals; e.g ‘mice, rats


i) They are venomous and potentially harmful.

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