Study Of Museum Specimen Of Givialis Gangeticus with Comment & Diagram

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Givialis gangeticus is found in India inhabiting chiefly the basin of Ganges, Brahmaputra, Indus, Mahanadi and Arakan.


i) Gavialis gangeticus is commonly called gharial.

ii) It may reach a length of about six and a half meters.

iii) The general colour is dark olive-brown above with the dark markings.

iv) Body is covered with an exoskeleton of epidermal horny scales.

v) The snout is extremely long and slender.

vi) The limbs are pentadactyl with 5 clawed fingers and four clawed toes.

vii) Tail is laterally compressed.

viii) Vertebrae are procoelous.

ix) In male the nose is very much swollen and can be inflated like a bag when the nostrils are closed.


i) Male gharials are sought after their ghara, the growth on the end of their snout.

ii) They are probably harmless to human interest.

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