Study Of Museum Specimen Of Typhlops with Comment & Diagram 

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Typhlops braminus is widely distributed in Asia, Malay, island in Indian ocean and Southern Africa.


i) Typhlops is commonly called blind-snake.

ii) It is about 170-180 mm in length and brown with a chocolate hue above and lighter below in color.

iii) The body is cylindrical and covered with uniform imbricate scales all over.

iv)There is no distinction between dorsal and ventral scales.

v) The head is not distinct from the body.

vi) The tail is blunt with small points.

vii) The eyes are small and more or less covered by scales.

viii) Parietal bone is paired.

ix) Sebaceous glands are present on the body.

x) Oviparous.

xi) Carnivorous, feeding on worms, soft-bodied insects and their larvae.


i) It feeds on insects. & small worms.

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