Study Of Museum Specimen Of Phrynosoma with Comment & Diagram 

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Phrynosoma is found in western half of the United States and Central America.


i) Phrynosoma is commonly known as horned – toad.

ii) It grows to a length of 12 cm.

iii) Body is much flattened and broadened and covered with larger and smaller strongly keeled scales.

iv) Dorsal crest is absent.

v) The under- ports are covered with small very regular keeled scales.

vi) Head has five spikes on each side

vii) Both the sexes have a long row of pores on the under surface of the thighs.

viii) Tongue is short and flat.

ix) Teeth are pleurodont.

x) Vertebrae are procoelous.

xi) Viviparous.


i) They are sold as pets economically.

ii) They may lunge at humans if threatened.

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