Study Of Museum Specimen Of Dendrocopos with Comment & Diagram 

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Dendrocopos is distributed throughout India, Pakistan, and Ceylon.


i) It is commonly known as the Golden-backed woodpecker.

ii) It is a small bird and is about 22 cm in length.

iii) Upper plumage is distinctive golden-yellow and black, white lower is buffy-white streaked with black.

iv) The entire crown and occipital crest is crimson in male only partly, so in female.

v) The bill is long, stout and pointed.

vi) The tongue is protrusible and barb-tipped.

vii) Toes are four two directed forward and two behind.

viii) Tail is stiff and wedge-shaped.

ix) Food chiefly comprises wood – boring beetles, grubs, ants and other insects injurious to trees.


i) It feeds on insects and decreases insect population.

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