Study Of Museum Specimen Of Corvus with Comment & Diagram 

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Corvus splendens is commonly distributed throughout India, Pakistan, Ceylon and Burma.


i) Corvus splendens is commonly known as House crow.

ii) It is a most familiar bird of Indian towns and villages, growing in length from 32 to 42 cm.

iii) The neck is gray.

iv) Each leg bears 4 clawed toes, three directed forwards and one backwards.

v) Omnivorous. It eats almost anything dead rot, kitchen refuse, fish eggs, etc.

vi) Nest is a platform of twigs with a cup-like depression lined with tow, coir- fiber etc.

vii) It is a useful scavenger and an unfailing commensal of man.


i) They raid ripening crops such as wheat and maize and do

considerable damage to fruits in orchards.

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