Model Question Grade: XI (Computer Science)

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                                   Group ‘A’

Select and write in your answer sheet the most appropriate option from the following multiple choice questions.           [9 x 1=9]

1. In Boolean algebra, the value of (A+A’) is______.

i) A ii) 0          iii) 1 iv) None

2. In Ms Word, the shortcut key for ‘UNDO’ is________.

i)  CTRL + X ii) CTRL + Y  iii) CTRL + Z  iv) CTRL + C

3. Which level of cache is faster?

i) L2 cache ii) L1 cache iii) L2 cache iv) All options

4. The main technology used in the second generation was______.

i) Transistor  ii)  ICs iii)  AI iv)  Vacuum tube

5. The following symbol represents which logic gate?

i) AND ii) NOR iii) XOR iv) X-NOR

6. 2’s complement of (1001)2 is:

i) (0101)2   ii) (0111)2 iii) (1101)2 iv) (1100)2

7. What is the value of (0.11010011)2 in (?)16.

i) (0.D2)16 ii)  (0.C2)16 iii) (0.D3)16 iv) (0.D4)16

8. Which one is the primary data type used in C programming?

i) Char ii) Int iii) Float iv) All options

9. GIGO stands for:

i) Garbage In Garbage Out ii) Gap In Gap Out

iii) Get In Get Out iv) None of the options

Group ‘B’

Short answer questions:  [5 x 5 = 25]

10. Define a computer system. Explain any four application areas of computer.


Define Octal number system and convert (11011.101)2 into (?)10. [1+2+2]

11. What is primary memory? Write the difference between ROM and RAM. [1+4]

12. Compare the features of 1st and 2nd generations of computers. [2.5+ 2.5]


Define 2’s complement method. Subtract (1001)2 from (110110)2 using 1’s and 2’s complement method. [1+4]

13. Define data types in ‘C’ and write a program to find the sum, product and difference of two input numbers. [1+4]

14. State and prove Associative Law using logic diagram and truth table. [2.5+2.5]

Group ‘C’

Long answer questions: [2 x 8 = 16]

15. Explain computer architecture with block diagram and functions of its components. [8]


Explain different types of secondary memory of computer systems in detail.

16. Explain OR, X-NOR, NAND and NOT gates with logic function, graphical symbol, truth table and Venn diagram. [8]

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