Study Of Permanent Slide Of Monocystis and Notiluca(Protozoa) with Comments and Diagram

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Study Of Permanent Slide Of Monocystis(Protozoa):


Monocystis is cosmopolitan in distribution.

Habit and Habitat:

The earthworm’s seminal vesicles harbor the parasite Monocystis.Due to the widespread its infection is, this parasite is discovered to parasitize almost all mature earthworms.


1. The trophozoite’s body is covered in a hard pellicle. 

2.  The monocystis trophozoite’s (vegetative phase) body is flattened, elongated, club-shaped, and pointed at both ends. 

3. The endoplasm, a core semifluid mass, and the thick, surface ectoplasm clearly distinguish the protoplasm. 

4. The cilia, flagella, mouth, gullet, and contractile vacuole are absent. 

5. The only way the host’s fluid juice gets absorbed into the body is through the surface. 

6. The method of reproduction is done by spore formation.

7. Lifecycle is completed in single host,

Economic importance:

Monocystis causes disease in earthworms.

Diagram of Monocystis(Protozoa)

Study of permanent slides of protozoa(monocystis)
Study of permanent slides of protozoa(monocystis)

Study of museum specimen Notiluca(Protozoa)


Noctiluca is widely distributed in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, as well as on Madras Beach.

Habit and Habitat:


1. The body of Notiluca is huge and circular, with a diameter of 1–1.5 mm. It is protected by a thick pellicle. 

2. Ectoplasm and endoplasm are distinguished from heavily vacuolated cytoplasm. 

3. The presence of a long, robust, and striated tentacle as well as a short flagellum known as a transverse flagellum. 

4.Nutrition is holistic in nature. 

5. Noctiluca glows in the dark(phosphorescent).

6. Binary fission and spore formation over several missions constitute sexual reproduction. 

Economic Importance of noctiluca.

In both temperate and tropical oceans, the colorless dinoflagellate noctiluca plays a significant role in the coastal plankton community.

Diagram of noctiluca

Study of permanent slide Noctiluca
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