Modular Programming

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Modular programming separates a computer program into autonomous, interchangeable, reusable, and separable sub-programs that can perform a range of functions. Modular programming consists of different modules.

A discrete software component or element of a program that comprises one or more procedures is known as a module. A program is made up of one or more independently built modules. It can be applied to a wide range of applications and tasks. An enterprise-level software application may contain several different modules, and each module serves unique and separate business operations. Modules make a programmer’s job easier by allowing them to concentrate on only one aspect of the software application’s functionality.Instead of module, the terms assembly (as in.NET languages like C#, F#, or Visual Basic.NET) or package (as in Dart, Go, or Java) are frequently used.

The following are some of the advantages of modular programming:

  1. It is easy to code and test the program, and the algorithms are simple and easy to understand.

2. Modular programming simplifies and improves the maintainability of programs. It  makes program to reuse methods or functions in a software, reducing the need to create code over and over again.

3. It is suitable for a team work. It also enables developers to work on numerous projects at once, cutting down on development time. It also involves the writing of very little code.

4. Because the program is divided into different modules, debugging becomes easier and faster. It also makes it easier to detect mistakes.

5. It’s easier to test, implement, and develop distinct modules. Individual modules can then be combined to create the entire software.

6. Modular code is well-organized code that is easier to understand.

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