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The abbreviation for QBasic is Quick Beginners All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code. QBasic is a structured high level programming language that includes features like subroutines and procedures. Microsoft created and released it in 1991, and it is regarded as one of the best languages for complete beginners. The QBASIC programming language is a straightforward and simple language to learn. This language also has a lot of benefits for newbies.


QBasic is also a QuickBASIC-based integrated development environment (IDE) and interpreter for a variety of BASIC languages.

QBasic is an interpreter, that means it reads each line, translates it, and then sends it to the computer to execute before moving on to the next.


It was designed to be a substitute for the GW-BASIC programming language.

We can make different softwares using qbasic programming languages. 

We can easily develop games, create enterprise, corporate, and business applications and software with databases and good visuals using the qbasic programming language.

It is even used in big banking and financial systems to design some of the modules.  One of the most significant advantages of QBASIC is that it is both simpler to design and portable between applications.

Although there are some options to running qbasic, with the release of Windows XP in 2001, and subsequent editions of Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 10, Microsoft no longer supports old-QBasic.

QBasic is a Dos-based programming language that is no longer in use and is now only used in education and as a beginner’s programming language.

We have two of the most popular QBasic-compatible compilers for modern PCs for Windows. They are Freebasic and QB64, both of which are compatible with the most recent Windows versions.

To get started with qbasic, go to and download the stable version of qb64, which also offers a support community. It’s compatible with the most recent versions of Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Please download our app by clicking the image below:

Download Qbasic application on your phone
Download Qbasic application on your phone

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