Prepare an activity diagram for computing a restaurant bill. There should be a charge for each delivered item. The total amount should be subject to tax. There is a service charge of 18% for groups of six or more and 10% for smaller groups. Any coupons and gift certificates submitted by the customer should be subtracted.

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An activity diagram is a graphical representation or pictorial form of the system that illustrates the actions that it does. It is similar to the flowchart of the system.

Here, In this question, We are asked to prepare an activity diagram and we are also given certain conditions. The answer will be similar to other billing systems also. Some of the rules are:

  1. There should be a fee for each item delivered.
  2. Taxation should be applied on the whole amount.
  3. There is an 18% service charge for groups of six or more people and a 10% charge for smaller groups.
  4. Any coupons or gift vouchers that the client has supplied should be deducted.

There is no right and wrong answer in the UML diagram. We consider best to that diagram who are close to the solutions. There are different ways of drawing activity diagrams. You can draw an activity diagram on a sheet of paper also. You can also draw diagrams using different software like visual-paradigm, creatly, lucid charts etc.

Here, you have to understand that there must be starting and termination of the process. Let’s not forget the fact that the start and end processes are denoted using different signs. This diagram is drawn by Rohan Dahal, one of the It students from Nepal.

Similarly, other diagrams are also drawn which are listed below. The following diagram was drawn by Mr. Harsh Kumar shah. He has also added some colors to show the different processes. This type of diagrams takes time to make but is good to look at. The following figure has been dawn using an online tool called a visual paradigm.

Here we have another diagram on the list which was drawn by Mr. Enjal Giri, which is also a young It student from Nepal. he has also added some colors to his diagram as seen in the figure below. In all this activity diagram, you can see that the arrow must be pointed to the next process.

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