SEE Full form of computer science in Nepal

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                1.           3D: Three Dimension 

                2.           3G: Third generation 

                3.           3GP: 3rd Generation Project 

                4.           3GPP: 3rd Generation Partnership Project 

                5.           4G: Fourth generation 

                6.           4GL: Fourth Generation Language 

                7.           ABC: Attansoff Berry Computer 

                8.           AC: Alternating Current 

                9.           ADSL: Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Line 

                10.        AGP: Accelerated Graphics Port 

                11.        AI: Artificial Intelligence 

                12.        ALGOL: Algorithmic Oriented Language 

                13.        ALR: Advanced Logic Research 

                14.        ALU: Arithmetic and Logical Unit 

                15.        AM:  Amplitude Modulation 

                16.        ANSI:  American National Standard Institute 

                17.        AP: Access Point 

                18.        ARCNet: Attached Resource Computer Network 

                19.        ARP: Address Resolution Protocol 

                20.        ARPA: Advanced Research Projects Agency 

                21.        ARPANet: American Advanced Research Project Agency 

                22.        ASCC: Automatic Sequence controlled calculator 

                23.        ASCII: American Standard Code for Information Interchange 

                24.        AT & T: American Telephone and Telegraph System 

                25.        AT: Advanced Technology 

                26.        ATM: Automated Teller machine 

                27.        AVG: Antivirus Guard 

                28.        AVI: Audio video interleave 

                29.        B2B: Business to Business 

                30.        BASIC: Beginner’s All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code 

                31.        BBS:       Bulletin Board System 

                32.        BCD: Binary Coded Decimal 

                33.        BCDIC: Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code 

                34.        BCPL: Beginners Cambridge Programming Language 

                35.        BCR: Bar Code Reader 

                36.        BIOS: Basic Input Output System 

                37.        B-ISDN: Broadband integrated Service Digital Network 

                38.        Bits: Binary Digits 

                39.        BLOG:    Web Log 

                40.        BMP: Bitmap 

                41.        BNC: British Naval Connector 

                42.        BOF: Beginning of File 

                43.        BPI: Bytes Per Inch 

                44.        BPS: Bit Per Sector 

                45.        BRI: Basic Rate Interface 

                46.        BS:         Base Station 

                47.        BSC:       Base Station Controller 

                48.        BTS:       Base Transceiver Station 

                49.        CA:         Certificate Authority 

                50.        CAD: Computer Aided Designing 

                51.        CAI: Computer Aided Instruction 

                52.        CAL: Computer Aided/Assisted Learning 

                53.        CAM: Computer Aided/Assisted Manufacturing 

                54.        CAN: Computer Association of Nepal 

                55.        CAT: Computer Aided/Assisted Training 

                56.        CAVE: Cave Automatic Virtual Environment 

                57.        CATV:    Cable Television 

                58.        CBE: Computer Based Education 

                59.        CBT: Computer Based Training 

                60.        CC: Computer Consultancy 

                61.        CCD: Charge Coupled device 

                62.        CCTV:    Closed Circuit Television 

                63.        CD:         Compact Disk 

                64.        CDFS:     Compact Disk File System 

                65.        CDMA: Code Division Multiple Access 

                66.        CDP:      Cisco Discovery Protocol 

                67.        CDR:      Compact Disk Recordable 

                68.        CD-ROM: Compact Disk Read Only Memory 

                69.        CD-RW: Compact Disk-Rewritable 

                70.        CESIL: Computer Education in School Instruction Language 

                71.        CGA: Color Display Adaptor 

                72.        CGI:       Common Gateway Interface 

                73.        CIS: Computer Information System 

                74.        CISC: Complex Instruction Set Computer 

                75.        CLI: Command line interface 

                76.        CMOS: Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor 

                77.        COBOL: Common Business Oriented Language 

                78.        CODASYL: Conference Of Data Systems Language 

                79.        COM: Computer Output to Microfilm 

                80.        CP/M: Control Program For Microprocessor 

                81.        CPAV: Central Point Antivirus 

                82.        CPS: Character Per Second 

                83.        CPU: Central Processing Unit 

                84.        CRC:      Cyclic Redundancy Check 

                85.        CRT: Cathode Ray Tube 

                86.        CSMA/CD: Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection 

                87.        CSS: Cascading Style Sheet 

                88.        CSU: Channel Service Unit   

                89.        CUI:    Character User Interface 

                90.        CVIA:     Computer Virus Industry Association 

                91.        CVT:       Constant Voltage Transformer 

                92.        DARPA: Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency 

                93.        DBMS: Database Management System 

                94.        DCU: Device Control Unit 

                95.        DDE: Dynamic Data Exchange 

                96.        DDL: Data definition language 

                97.        DDP:      Distributed Data Processing / Datagram Delivery Protocol 

                98.        DHCP:    Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol 

                99.        DIMM: Dual In Line Memory Module 

                100.      DIX: Digital Intel and Xerox 

                101.      DLC:       Data Link Control 

                102.      DMA:     Direct Memory Access 

                103.      DML: Data Manipulation Language 

                104.      DMV:     Dahila Mosiac Virus 

                105.      DNA: Digital Network Architecture 

                106.      DNS: Domain Name Server 

                107.      DOD: Department Of Defense 

                108.      DOS:  Disk operating system 

                109.      DPI:        Dots Per Inch 

                110.      DRAM: Dynamic Random Access Memory 

                111.      DSDD: Double Sided Double Density 

                112.      DSHD: Double Sided High Density 

                113.      DSI: Data System International 

                114.      DSL:       Digital Subscriber Line 

                115.      DSP:       Digital Signal Processor 

                116.      DSS:       Digital Satellite System 

                117.      DSS:       Data Security Standards 

                118.      DSSD: Double Sided Single Density 

                119.      DSU:  Digital Service Unit 

                120.      DTH:      Direct To Home 

                121.      DVD: Digital Versatile Disk 

                122.      DVD-R   : Digital Versatile Disk-Recordable 

                123.      DVD-ROM: Digital Versatile Disk-Read Only memory 

                124.      DVD-RW: Digital Versatile Disk-Rewritable 

                125.      EBCDIC: Extended Binary Coded Decimal information Interchange 

                126.      E-Commerce:     Electronic Commerce 

                127.      EDGE:    Enhanced Data Rate for GSM Evolution. 

                128.      EDI:        Electronic Data Interchange 

                129.      EDO-RAM: Extended Data Out Random Access Memory 

                130.      EDP:       Electronic Data Processing 

                131.      EDS: Electronic Data Storage / Exchangeable Disk System 

                132.      EDSAC: Electronic Delay Storage Automatic Computer 

                133.      EDVAC: Electronic Discrete Variable Automatic Computer 

                134.      EEPROM: Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory 

                135.      E-Fax:  Electronic Fax 

                136.      EFT: Electronic fund transfer 

                137.      EGA: Enhanced Graphic Adaptor 

                138.      E-GMP: Electronic Government Master Plan 

                139.      EICA: Engine Indicator and Crew Alert System 

                140.      EISA: Extended Industry Standard Architecture 

                141.      E-mail: Electronic mail 

                142.      EMI: Electro Magnetic Interference 

                143.      EMS: Expanded Memory 

                144.      ENIAC: Electronic Numerical Integrator And Calculator 

                145.      EOF: End of File 

                146.      EPROM: Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory 

                147.      ETDSA: Electronic Transaction and Digital Signature Act 

                148.      FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions 

                149.      FAT: File Allocation Table 

                150.      FAX: Facsimile 

                151.      FC:         Ferrule Connector 

                152.      FCRA:    Fair Credit Reporting Act 

                153.      FDD: Floppy Disk Drive 

                154.      FDDI: Fiber Distributed Data Interface 

                155.      FDMA:   Frequency Division Multiple Access 

                156.      FDS: Fixed Disk System 

                157.      FIFO:      First In First Out 

                158.      FILO:      First In Last Out 

                159.      FLOPS: Floating Point Operation Per Second 

                160.      FM: Frequency Modulation 

                161.      FMC: Flight Management Comptuer 

                162.      FORTRAN: FORmula TRANslation 

                163.      FPM RAM: Fast Data Page Random Access Memory 

                164.      FTP: File Transfer Protocol 

                165.      G2C: Government to Citizens 

                166.      G2G: Government to Government 

                167.      GaAs: Gallium Arsenide 

                168.      GB: Giga Bytes 

                169.      GBps:     Gigabits Per Second 

                170.      GHz: Giga Hertz 

                171.      GIF: Graphics Interchange Format 

                172.      GIGO: Garbage in Garbage Out 

                173.      GIS: Geographical Information System 

                174.      GPL: General Public License 

                175.      GPRS:    General Packet Radio Service 

                176.      GPS:       global Positioning System 

                177.      GSM:     Global System for Mobile Communication 

                178.      GUI: Graphical User Interface 

                179.      HDD: Hard Disk Drive 

                180.      HF: High Frequency 

                181.      HLCIT: High Level Commission for Information & Technology 

                182.      HMD: Head Mounted Display 

                183.      HTML: Hypertext Markup Language 

                184.      HTTP: Hyper Text Transfer Protocol 

                185.      HTTPS: Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure 

                186.      Hz: Hertz 

                187.      I/O: Input Output 

                188.      IAB: Internet Architecture Board 

                189.      IBM: International Business Machine 

                190.      IBT: Internet Board Training 

                191.      IC: Integrated Circuit 

                192.      ICF: Internet Connection Firewall 

                193.      ICL: International Computers Limited 

                194.      ICMP:    Internet Control Message Protocol 

                195.      ICT: Information and Communication Technology 

                196.      IDE: Integrated Drive Electronics 

                197.      IDS: Intrusion Detection System 

                198.      IDS:        Industry Detection System 

                199.      IE:          Internet Explorer 

                200.      IEEE:      Institute Of Electrical And Electronics Engineers 

                201.      IEFIP:     Internet Federation Of Information Processing 

                202.      IESG:      Internet Engineering Steering Group 

                203.      IETF:      Internet Engineering Task Force 

                204.      IGRP:     Interior Gateway Routing Protocol 

                205.      IIS: Internet Information Services 

                206.      IM: Instant messaging 

                207.      IMAP:    Internet Message Access Protocol 

                208.      IMS: Information Management System 

                209.      INIC: Internet Network Information Centre 

                210.      INTERNET: International Network 

                211.      IP: Internet Protocol 

                212.      IPS:        Intrusion Prevention System 

                213.      IPV4:      Internet Protocol version 4 

                214.      IPV6:      Internet Protocol version 6 

                215.      IPX: Internetwork Packet exchange 

                216.      IRC: Internet Relay Chat 

                217.      IRTB: Industrial Real Time Basic 

                218.      IRTF: Internet Research Task Force 

                219.      IS: Information system 

                220.      ISA: Industry Standard Architecture 

                221.      ISAM: Indexed Sequential Access Method 

                222.      ISAPI: Internet Server  Application Programming Interface 

                223.      ISD:        International Subscriber Dial In 

                224.      ISDN:     Integrated Services Digital Network 

                225.      ISO:        International Organization for Standardization 

                226.      ISOC:     Internet  Society 

                227.      ISP: Internet Service Provider 

                228.      IT: Information Technology 

                229.      ITPDC: Information Technology Park Development 

                230.      ITPF: IT Professional Forum 

                231.      ITSP:      International Telephony Service Provider 

                232.      JPEG: Joint Photographic Expert Group 

                233.      KB: Kilo Bytes 

                234.      Kbps: Kilobits per second 

                235.      KHz: kilo Hertz 

                236.      KIPA: Korean IT Industry Promotion Agency 

                237.      LAN: Local Area Network 

                238.      LASER: Light Amplification By Stimulation Emission Of Radiation 

                239.      LCD: Liquid Crystal Display 

                240.      LED: Light Emitting Diode 

                241.      LIFO: Last In First Out 

                242.      LILO: Last In Last Out 

                243.      LISP: List Processing 

                244.      LOS: Line Of Sight 

                245.      LSI: Large Scale Integrator 

                246.      MAC: Media Access Control 

                247.      MAN: Metropolitan Area Network 

                248.      MAPI: Message Application Programming Interface 

                249.      MB: Mega Bytes 

                250.      MBPS: Million Bit Per Second 

                251.      MBR: Master Boot Record 

                252.      MCGA: Monochrome Display Adaptor 

                253.      MD2D: Mini Disk Double Sided Double Density 

                254.      MD2HD: Mini Disk Double Sided High Density 

                255.      MDA: Monochrome Display Adaptor 

                256.      MF2D: Micro Floppy Double Sided Double Density 

                257.      MFLOPS: Millions Of Floating Point Operation Per Second 

                258.      MICR: Magnetic Ink Character Reader 

                259.      MIDI: Musical Instrument Digital Interface 

                260.      MILNET: Military Network 

                261.      MIME: Multipurpose internet Mail Extensions 

                262.      MIPS: Millionth of Instruction Per Second 

                263.      MIS: Management Information System 

                264.      MIPS:     Million  Instructions  Per Second 

                265.      MMC:    Multimedia Card 

                266.      MMS: Multimedia Messaging Service 

                267.      MODEM: Modulator and Demodulator 

                268.      MOEST: Ministry of Environment Science and Technology 

                269.      MOS: Metal Oxide Semiconductor 

                270.      MP3: Moving Picture Experts  Group Phase 3 

                271.      MPCD: Metropolitan Police Crime Division 

                272.      MPEG: Motion Picture Expert Group 

                273.      MPPP: Multilink Point To Point Protocol 

                274.      MSAU: Multi Station Access Unit 

                275.      MSAV:   Microsoft Anti-virus 

                276.      MS-DOS: Microsoft Disk Operating System 

                277.      MSI: Medium Scale Integration 

                278.      MUK: Multimedia Upgrade Kits 

                279.      NAC: Network  access control 

                280.      NAT: Network Address Translation 

                281.      NAV: Norton Anti Virus 

                282.      NCC: National Computer Centre 

                283.      NDD: Norton Disk Doctor 

                284.      NEC: Nippon Electronics Company 

                285.      NetBEUI: NetBIOS Extended User Interface 

                286.      NetBIOS: Network Basic Input Output System 

                287.      NFS: Network File System 

                288.      NIC: Network Interface Card 

                289.      NITC: National Information Technology Centre 

                290.      NITCC: National Information Technology Co-ordination Committee 

                291.      NITDC: National Information Technology Development Committee 

                292.      NOS: Network Operating System 

                293.      NPC: National Planning Commission 

                294.      NSF:       National Science Foundation 

                295.      NSFNet:               National Science Foundation Network 

                296.      NT: New Technology 

                297.      NTC:      Nepal Telecom 

                298.      NTFS: New Technology File System 

                299.      OAS: Office Automation System 

                300.      OCCA: Office of the Controller of Certifying Authority 

                301.      OCP: Order Code Processor 

                302.      OCR: Optical Character Reader 

                303.      OLE: Object Linking and Embedding 

                304.      OMR: Optical Mark Reader (Recognition) 

                305.      OOP: Object Oriented Programming 

                306.      OS: Operating System 

                307.      OSS:       Open- Source Software 

                308.      P2P:       Peer -to –Peer 

                309.      PAN:      Personal Area Network 

                310.      PAT:       Post Address Translation 

                311.      PC: Personal Computer 

                312.      PCB: Printed Circuit Board 

                313.      PCI: Peripheral Component Interconnect 

                314.      PCO:      Public Call Office 

                315.      PDA: Personal Digital Assistant 

                316.      PDF: Platform Independent Document Format/Portable Document Format 

                317.      PIN:       Personal Identification Number 

                318.      Pixel: Picture Element 

                319.      PKI:        Public Key Infrastructure 

                320.      PL/1: Programming Language -1 

                321.      PM: Phase Modulation 

                322.      PNG: Portable Network Graphics 

                323.      POP: Post Office Protocol 

                324.      POS: Point of Sales 

                325.      POST: Power On Self-Test 

                326.      PPP: Point-to-Point Protocol 

                327.      PPPOE: Point to Point Over Ethernet 

                328.      PROGLOG: Programming Logic 

                329.      PROM: Programmable Read Only Memory 

                330.      PS/2: Personal System-2 

                331.      PSK:       Pre – Shared Key 

                332.      PSK:       Phase Shift Keying 

                333.      PSROM: Pseudo Random Access Memory 

                334.      PSTN: Public Switched Telephone Network 

                335.      PSU:       Power Supply Unit 

                336.      PTT:       Push To Talk 

                337.      PUK:      Pin Unlock Key/Personal Unblocking Key 

                338.      QBasic:  Quick Beginner’s all-purpose symbolic instruction 

                339.      QBE: Query By Example 

                340.      QEL: Query Language 

                341.      QOS:      Quality Of Service 

                342.      R/W:      Read/ Write 

                343.      RAM: Random Access Memory 

                344.      RARP:    Reverse Address Resolution Protocol 

                345.      RDBMS: Relational Database Management System 

                346.      RF:         Radio Frequency 

                347.      RGB:      Red Green Blue 

                348.      RIP:        Routing information Protocol 

                349.      RISC: Reduced Instruction Set Computer 

                350.      RJ-45:    Registered Jack-45 

                351.      RMM: Read Mostly Memory 

                352.      ROM: Read Only Memory 

                353.      RONAST: Royal Nepal Academy Of Science and Technology 

                354.      RPG: Report Program Generator 

                355.      RPM: Rotation Per Minute / Revolution Per Minute 

                356.      RTF:       Rich Text Format 

                357.      RTP:       Real Time Transport Protocol 

                358.      RTS:       Real Time Strategy 

                359.      SC: Subscriber Connector 

                360.      SCP: System Control Processor 

                361.      SCSI: Small Computer System Interface 

                362.      SDRAM: Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory 

                363.      SDSL:     Symmetric Digital Subscriber line 

                364.      SGML:   Standard Generalized Markup Language 

                365.      SHF:       Super High Frequency 

                366.      SIM:       subscriber identity Module 

                367.      SIMM: Single In Line Memory Module 

                368.      SIS: Secret Intelligence Service 

                369.      SMA: Screw-Mounted Adaptors 

                370.      SMPS: Switch Mode Power Supply 

                371.      SMS: Short Message Service 

                372.      SMTP: Simple Mail Transfer Protocol 

                373.      SNA: System Network Architecture 

                374.      SNOBOL: String Oriented symbolic Language 

                375.      SPAM: Stupid/Short pointless annoying message 

                376.      SPX: Sequenced Packet exchange 

                377.      SQL: Structured Query Language 

                378.      SRAM: Static Random Access Memory 

                379.      SSSD: Single Sided Single Density 

                380.      ST:          Straight Tip Connector 

                381.      STD:       Subscriber Trunk Dialing 

                382.      STP: Shielded Twisted Pair 

                383.      SVGA: Super Video Graphics Array 

                384.      SWF: Shock Wave Flash 

                385.      TB: Terra Bytes 

                386.      TCP/IP: Transmission Control Protocol/ Internet Protocol 

                387.      TelNet: Telecommunication Network 

                388.      TFT:       Thin Film Transistor 

                389.      TFTP:     Trivial File Transfer Protocol 

                390.      TIFF: Tagged image file format 

                391.      TLD:       Top Level Domain 

                392.      TPS: Transaction Processing System 

                393.      UDP:      User Datagram Protocol 

                394.      UHF:      Ultra High Frequency 

                395.      UNCITRAL:          United Nation Commission On International Trade law 

                396.      UNIVAC: Universal Automatic Computer 

                397.      UPC: Universal product code 

                398.      UPS: Uninterruptible Power Supply 

                399.      URL: Uniform Resource Locator 

                400.      USB: Universal Serial Bus 

                401.      Use Net: User Network 

                402.      UTP: Unshielded Twisted Pair 

                403.      VAN: Value added network 

                404.      VCD: Video Compact Disk 

                405.      VDT: Video Display Terminal 

                406.      VDU: Visual Display Unit 

                407.      VESA:     Video Electronics Standards Association 

                408.      VGA: Video Display Array 

                409.      VHF: Very high frequency 

                410.      VIRUS: Vital Information Resources Under Siege 

                411.      VLAN: Virtual Local Area Network 

                412.      VLSI: Very Large Scale Integration 

                413.      VM: Virtual Machine 

                414.      VMS: Voice Messaging System 

                415.      VoIP: Voice Over Internet Protocol 

                416.      VPN:      Virtual Private Network 

                417.      VR: Virtual Reality 

                418.      VRML: Virtual Reality Modeling Language 

                419.      VSAT: Very Small Aperture Terminal 

                420.      VTP: VLAN Trunking Protocol 

                421.      W3C: World Wide Web Consortium 

                422.      WAIS: Wide Area Information Server 

                423.      WAN: Wide Area Network 

                424.      WAP: Wireless Access Protocol 

                425.      WAV: Waveform Audio File Format 

                426.      WI MAX: Worldwide Interoperability For Microwave Access 

                427.      Wi-Fi:    Wireless Fidelity 

                428.      Windows NT:      Windows Network 

                429.      Windows XP:      Windows Experience 

                430.      WLAN:  Wireless Local Area Network 

                431.      WMV:    Windows Media Video 

                432.      WORM: Write Once Read Only Memory 

                433.      WPA:     Wi-Fi Protected Access 

                434.      WWW: World Wide Web 

                435.      XMF:  Extensible Music Format 

                436.      XML: Extensible Markup Language 

                437.      XMS: extended Memory 

                438.      XT: extra Technology 

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