Generations of computers[Explaination]

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In Simpler words, the computer can be defined as the advanced electronic device that takes input(raw data), processes that input, gives some result to the user as output, and saves or stores that output and data. So, the computer can be divided into four major components: arithmetic unit.

  1. The input and output devices (I/O)
  2. Arithmetic logic unit (ALU),
  3. The control unit
  4. The memory unit, and

Generations of computer:

Generations of computers are focused on whether there have been significant technical advances in computers. Like use of vaccum tube in first generation of computer, transistors in second generations of computer, Integrated circuit and microprocessor in later computers. The following table shows the use of which technology in which generation of computer.

S.N.Genrations of computertime periodtechnology usedexamples
1.First generation
1946-1959Vaccum tubes
or thermionic valve machine.
2.Second generation computer1959-1965transistorsIBM 1620
IBM 7094
CDC 1604
CDC 3600
3.Third generation computer1965-1971Integrated Circuits (ICs)IBM-360 series
Honeywell-6000 series
PDP (Personal Data Processor)
4.Fourth-generation computer1971-1980Very Large Scale Integrated (VLSI) circuitsDEC 10
STAR 1000
PDP 11
CRAY-1(Super Computer)
CRAY-X-MP(Super Computer)
5.Fifth generation computer1980-till dateULSI (Ultra Large Scale Integration) technologyDesktop

Features of first generations of computer:

  1. Vacuum tubes were used as their main electronic components to make circuits.

2. Punch cards, paper tape, magnetic tape and magnetic drums were used.

3. First generation of computers used machine level or binary language and symbols.

4. Low memory space and very slow output are the characteristics of first generation of computer

5. The size of computer filled large space because of incredibly huge size and it is nearly impossible to move the computer from one place to another place (importable).

6. Huge electric power was needed to run the computer. So, consumption of electricity is very high.

7. It generated a lot of heat. It needed AC to decrease the temperature.

2. Features of second generations of computer:

  1. Transistors were used as their main electronic component
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