Study Of Museum Specimen Of Chelone Mydas with Comment & Diagram

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Chelone Mydas is found in the Atlantic,Indian and Pacific Oceans. But

very commonly found in the Islands of Ascension, West Indies.


i) Chelone Mydas is a marine form commonly called green turtle.

ii) The colour is olive or brown above with a yellowish spot and pale yellow below.

iii) It measures from 85-110 cm in length.

iv) Body is enclosed in a smooth shell.

v) Dorsal shields are juxtaposed, fitting closely into each other.

vi) Four pairs of coastal shields.

vii) Head is covered with one pair of prefrontal shields, the others are small.

viii) Eyes possess eyelids and nictitating membranes.

ix) Fore-limb and hind-limbs are retractile inside carapace.

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