Model Question Grade: XI (Computer Science’Management’)

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Group ‘A’

Select the best alternative and write in your answer sheet: [4 x 1 = 4]

1) 101 + 101 = __________

i) 1000    ii) 10000    iii) 1010     iv) 1001

2) The main component of the 1st generation of computer is:

i) Vacuum Tubes ii) Transistor   iii) IC iv) Microprocessor

3) Which logic gate is an inverter?

i) NOR ii) NOT iii) OR iv) AND

4) 1 nibble equals to __________.

i) 2 bits ii) 4 bits iii) 8 bits iv) None

 Group ‘B’

5) What is a logic gate? Explain NOT and NOR gates with logic function, logic diagram, truth table and venn diagram.     (4)

6) Compare the features of the 2nd and 4th generation of computers.  (4)

7) Define the decimal number system and convert (345.34)8 into (?)10 (4)

8) What is 2’s complement? Subtract (11010-100101) using 1’s complement and 2’s complement method.  (4)

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