Study Of Museum Specimen Of Echinus and Cucumaria(Echinodermata) with Comments and Diagram

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Comment Of Museum Specimen Of Echinus


Echinus is a genus of sea urchins, a group of marine animals with a spiny outer skeleton. Echinus is widely distributed in the Atlantic, Mediterranean and pacific oceans.

Habit and Habitat:

Echinus is marine, found in the sea in rocky places.

General character:

  • Echinus is commonly known as sea urchin.
  • Body is globular in shape, somewhat Flattened at the two poles
  • Forming distinct oral and aboral pales.
  • Body is enclosed in a rigid globular shell or corona Formed of closely Fitted calcareous plates.
  • Entire surface of the animal except the peristome and periproct is covered with spines articulated to the shell.
  • At the aboral pole is a much smaller, aperture, the annus surrounded by periproducts.
  • Numerous podia or tube Feet protect from the surface among the spines.
  • Sexes are separate. Gonads are five large masses.

Economic Importance

Echinus:- Edible (gonads of both the male and female sea urchins) are eaten. Sea urchin species with orange gonads are preferred.

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