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Comments of Chiton


Chiton is found all over the world.

Habit and Habitat:

Chiton is a sluggish, marine animal found attached to the rocks, empty shell and corals between tide marks .

General characters:

1) Body of chiton is elliptical, bilaterally symmetrical and dorsoventrally compressed and consists of shell, foot,mantle and the visceral mass.

2) Shell is calcareous present on the dorsal side and composed of eight overlapping plates.

3) Head is small and indistinct eyes and tentacles are absent.

4) Foot is ventral muscular with a flat sole extending along the whole length of the body.

5) Mantle covers a greater part of the body and partly covers the edges of the shell plates.

6) Mouth and anus are at opposite ends.

7) Sexes are separate, gonads are single.

8) Development includes a trochophore larva.

Economic Importance:

Along the Pacific coast of Mexico, the chiton, Chiton is caught as bait for artisanal fishermen and served in restaurants as a gourmet dish, therefore its consumption is creating a potential fishery and economic interest.

Diagram of Chiton


Comments of Patella

Distribution: –

Patella is found along pacific Coasts, Atlantic Coasts,  Europe and the USA.

Habit and Habitat :-

Patella is sluggish, marine, gastropod, found attached to the rocks and feeding in a minute algae.

General character:-

1)  patella is commonly called a true limpet.

2) it is a small oval gastropoda

3) The shell is oval and rounded without an operculum.

4) Head is distinct and bears a pair of stouts , sensory tentacles and eyes. 

5) Foot is central, broad and flat used for creeping and adhering

6) Heart with single auricle.

7) Nervous system shows little concentration towards the head region.

8) Patella is eaten by the poorer class in several countries like France, Italy  and Ireland.

9) The shells of patella are used as decoration pieces. .

Economic importance:

Larger species are consumed by humans in many parts of the world ,shells of some species are used as jewelry. 

Diagram of Patella

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