Study Of Permanents Slide Of Vorticella(Ciliophora) with Comments and Diagram

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 Vorticella is cosmopolitan in distribution.

Habit and Habitat

 Vorticella is an extremely common solitary and stalked ciliated animal often found in

fresh water ponds, lakes, rivers, streams etc.


1. Vorticella is commonly called bell animalcule.

2. Vorticella has an inverted bell-shaped body with a long, simple slender and highly contractile stalk of attachment.

3. The bell of vorticella measures up to 157 microns in length and 99 microns in width and stalks vary from 53 to 4150 microns in length.

4. The body consists of a thin pellicle, ectoplasm as carley and endoplasm as medulla.

5. Endoplasm contains a long , curved , horse – shoe -shaped macro nucleus, a small micronucleus, single contractile vacuole and some food vacuole.

7. Nutrition in holozoic

8. Reproduction by longitudinal binary fission and conjugation. 

Study Of Permanents Slide Of Vorticella(Ciliophora)
Study Of Permanents Slide Of Vorticella(Ciliophora)
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