Study Of Permanents Slide Of Volvox colony and Giardia(Protista) with Comments and Diagram

Study Of Permanents Slide Of Volvox colony(Protista):

Distribution of Volvox:

Volvox is cosmopolitan in distribution.

Habit and Habitat:

The colonial form Volvox is more substantial and spherical. Small freshwater ponds and lakes have it in their planktons.


1. Cellulose forms a tough coating around the body. 

2. The zooids are made up of a nucleus, two flagella, two contractile vacuoles, and cup-shaped chloroplasts. 

3. Reproductive and non-reproductive somatic zooids are distinguished from each other. 

4. The reproductive zooids are confined to the colony’s back half. 

5. Nutrition promotes wellness. 

6. Binary fission is used to spread a colony. 

7. A colony uses its flagella to help it swim in the water.

Economic importance:

It prevents the development of tiny microorganisms and insects. 

It maintains harmony in the freshwater aquatic ecology.

Study Of Permanents Slide Of Volvox colony
Study Of Permanents Slide Of Volvox colony

Study Of Permanents Slide Of Giardia(Protista):


Giardia is a parasite that can be found on surfaces, in food, drink, and soil that has come into contact with infected human or animal feces (poop).

Habit and Habitat:

The endoparasite Giardia intestinalis, also known as the “Grand Old Man of the Intestine,” lives in the digestive tracts of vertebrates, including humans.


1. The trophozoite’s body is half-pear-shaped, with a wide anterior end facing forward and a thin tapering end toward the back. 

2. The body has a strong bilateral symmetry. 

3. Axostyles define the body’s median longitudinal axis. 

4. Complex loops are created by rizoplasts. 

5. Two nuclei, two axostyles, and two parabasal bodies are present in ectoplasm. 

6. Narrow fibrils serve as the nuclei’s anchor to the axostyle. 

7. Four pairs of basal granules give rise to four pairs of flagella.

Economic Importance:

It causes the disease ‘Giardiasis'”. The infection also causes chronic enteritis, acute enterocolitis fever, anemia and allergy.

Study Of Permanents Slide Of Giardia
Study Of Permanents Slide Of Giardia
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