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RANIPOKHARI is a historic artificial pond located in the heart of Kathmandu and built in the 17th century. The pond is one of Kathmandu’s most famous landmarks and is known for its religious and aesthetic significance.

However, after the devastating earthquakes in 2015 that left the pond totally damaged. The pond now seeks maintenance that might require a huge amount of money . Currently the pond is 180m *100m. But the government with its significance.

As an environmentalist, we are concerned about the wetland. Therefore, to be able to convince the government to conserve the avetland, you decide to perform a survey to determine the monetary works of the pond itself using        the questionnaire for the survey with questions ranging from 15 to 20 including personal information of the interviewed population.


The local people residing near Ranipokhari i.e. Jamal,Asan, Ghantaghar, Putalisadak are targeted for survey. Personal interviews method selected for survey process. Almost 18 questions were prepared for the questionnaire.





  1. Do you think ranipokhari have any kind of importance on regulating the ecosystem?

i) yes ii) no iii) I don’t know

  1. What is the source of attachment between you 

i) Fish production ii)Religious values iii) Recreation values iv) All of the above

  1. What is your opinion regarding the re-construction of Ranipokhari along with its structure.

i) Tradition ii) Modern iii) As it was iv) not satisfied

  1. Which age groups are mainly fascinated in Ranipokhari?

i) 5-15 years ii) 15-30years iii) 30-50years iv) 50+

  1. What is the purpose of fish production in Ranipokhari?

i) For recreational ii) For economic value iii) Others

  1. What do you think , the lotic ecosystem and speciality fishes get disturbed by the visitor?

i) Yes ii) No

  1. What is your opinion, do the fishes get disturbed by heavy traffic?

i) Yes ii) No

  1. Should there be any advertisement that supports the visitors in Ranipokhari.

i) Yes,of course ii)Not at all iii) No idea

  1. Do you know Raniphokhari acts as a water recharge zone for Kathmandu Valley?

i) Yes ii) No

  1. What is your opinion on conducting fairs in Ranipokhari?

i) Yes ii) No iii) Haven’t heard

  1. Had it been supportive for local people of Ranipokhari by the presence of students of Tri-chandra college.

i) Yes ii)NO III) Haven’t heard

  1. Ranipokhari and its ecosystem services support the educational system in Tri-chandra college.

i) Yes ii)No iii) Have no idea

  1. Ranipokhari is generally occupied during Bhai-tika .Deb these religious aspects support the environment of Rani pokhari ?

i) Yes ii) No

  1. Do you think the government is serious on the re-construction of Rani-Pokhari?

i) Yes ii) No

  1. Are you happy with the reconstruction of Rani-Pokhari?

i) Little bit ii) Yes iii) No

  1. What do you think will be planned for sectional affect the norms and value?

i) No ii) Yes iii) May be

  1. If Ranipokhari had already been constructed, will it be an attraction  for external as well as internal tourism in the tourism year 2020.

i) yes ii) no iii) have high possibilities 

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