Use of appropriate tools and equipments play an important role in improving the efficiency and safety at work place.

               Some of the important tools and equipments used in solid waste management.

  1. Brooms:     Basically brooms are made from bristles obtained from dried leaves of palm trees,                coconut trees or oplits from bamboo. The types of brooms extensively used are hand brooms.
  1. Dustpan:

           A dust pan, the small version of which is also known as “half brush and shovel” is a cleaning utensils. The dustpan is commonly used in combination with a broom or long brush.

  1. Dustbin: A small or large container for rubbish from a house or other building usually made of strong plastic or metal and kept outside can be termed as dustbin.

     4.Reksl fork: 

               Reksl fork is a tool with a long hande and three or four point used for digging, collecting plastics breaking soil into pieces.

     5. Scarper:

                Garbage have a tendency to stick to the surface of roads. Inorder to remove these materials the broom may find difficulties. A metal tool with a sharp edge is used to scarp the sticking material and brooming it away the metalic scrapper can be provided at the other end.

     6. Shovel:

                 A tool consisting of a wide, square metal or plastic blave usually with slightly raised sides attached to a handle for mowing looge material like soil, coal, gravel, snow, sand, garbage etc. digging and lifting is a shovel.

     7. Brush: 

                   A brush is a common tool with bristle wire or other filaments. It generally consists of a handle or black to which filaments are attached in either a parallel or perpendicular orientation.

    8. Hand crafts:

                         Hand crafts are used for household and commerce units. Due to their small size, the carts are suitable for collation of waste from narrow streels open box.

     9. Pedal tricycle: 

                           It is important mode of transport over the handcraft instead of pushing a handcraft, the tricycle is a faster mode of transport.

      10. Tractors:

                       Tractors are almost universally available in developing countries. The cost for operating tractors is very low as compared to other waste carrying equipments.

     11. Dumper trucks:

                   These dumper trucks are useful in narrow lines and plum areas. The capacity of these trucks is about 2 cubic meter.

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