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JavaScript (js) is a simple object-oriented programming language used by a variety of websites to add characters to their pages. It enables dynamic interactivity(The contents of memory must be refreshed regularly) on websites when applied to an HTML document. Users can use JavaScript to create modern web applications that interact directly without having to reload the page every time. Js is used on a standard website to provide many sorts of interactivity and simplicity. 

History of javascript:

In 1993, Mosaic, the first popular web browser, came into existence. In the year 1994, Netscape was founded by Marc Andreessen. In 1995, the company recruited Brendan Eich intending to implement and embed Scheme programming language to the browser.

However, before Brendan could get started, the business joined with Sun Microsystems to integrate Java into its Navigator and compete with Microsoft in online technologies and platforms. There were two languages now: Java and the scripting language. Finally, in May 1995, Marc Andreessen coined the term “Mocha” to describe the first Javascript code. However, due to trademark issues and other factors, the language was renamed ‘JavaScript’ in December 1995.

Why Study JavaScript:

One of the three languages that every web developer should master is javaScript:

  • HTML is a markup language that is used to specify the content of web pages or the skeleton of web pages
  • Use CSS to define how web pages should be structured out or it is all about the decoration part
  • Web page behavior can be programmed using JavaScript. The DOM API frequently uses JavaScript to dynamically modify HTML and CSS to update a user interface. It is primarily employed in web-based applications. JavaScript makes it easy to create modern web applications that allow users to engage without having to reload the page every time.

Relationship of JavaScript with HTML and CSS:

Html is the basic structure of sites (a skeleton of a body) mean body parts like hand, chest, arm then CSS is a modification(decoration part) mean size of a hand, the color of the hand and then javascript is to control the behavior of different elements means movement of a hand.

We mainly use JavaScript for developing

  • server-side applications using Node.js
  • Developing mobile applications with React Native.
  • Build microcontroller and internet of things programs
  • make applications for smartwatches
  • Javascript in Artificial intelligence: Modern JavaScript compiles into machine code and uses hardware acceleration. JavaScript programmers can create more intelligent web applications with AI.
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