Scientific communicaion syllabus

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These syllabus are the updated syllabus and taken from the tribhuwan university Nepal. The syllabus maynot be same to other universities.

Tribhuvan University Institute of Science & Technology

Four Year B. Sc. (Scientific Communication) Curriculum

Course Title : Scientific Communication
Course No.: SC 101
Nature of the Course: Theory
Year: I year
Full Marks: 50
Pass Marks: 20

Course Objectives

Course content

Unit I: Selected readings from the text "Learning English"

1. Astronomy

2. Information Technology

3. Health and Medicine

4. Environment

Unit II: Selected theme and essays from the text "Improve Your Writing"

1. The Sentence

2. The Effect of Scientific Temperament on Man - Bertrand Russell (Part of the section "The World of Science and Technology")

3. The Paragraph

4. Gods in the Godless Universe - Bertrand Russell

5. Pollution and Superpollution - Gordon Rattray

6. Science and Survival - Barry Commoner (Part of the section "The Impact of Science and Technology")

7. The Composition

8. Man and Nature - J. Bronowoski

9. Man and His Environment - Robert Arvill

10. The Cost of Solar Heat - H.A. Bethe (Part of the section "Man and Nature")

Unit III: Writing (Ref.: Technical Communication)

1. Writing Scientific Articles for Science Magazines and Daily Newspapers

2. Developing a Scientific Proposal

3. Writing (essential components of) Research Papers for Journals

4. Report Writing

5. Oral (e.g. PowerPoint) Presentation in a Group

6. Citation of References